Week 5 of my indoor CFL garden!

I keep the light on 18 hours a day. Yessss I know they’re probably stunted because of the containers but I am planning to go out and get some cheap 2-5 gallon buckets and top soil dirt from Walmart here in about a week. I give them little shots of raw nitrogen and organic microbes so they don’t get any deficiencies. The soybean looks huge doesn’t it??

Happy new year everyone! 🙂


Week 2 of my indoor Organic CFL Garden

Comment “I’M INTERESTED” If you want me to make a tutorial on how to start an organic indoor for under $20!

Just germinated them a week ago. Took me about 2 days to germinate. (for those of you that want to know how I do it you I’ll tell you in the next post) I currently have them on 18 hours of light each day. The plants are growing perfect and healthy just using 3 CFL bulbs which I will have to upgrade to about 6-8(possibly more) bulbs towards harvest. Let me know what you guys think! 🙂

Currently growing(All organic):

  • 2 soybean
  • 2 big boy hybrid tomatoes
  • 1 Brussel sprout
  • 1 cherry tomatoe

Not very much to look at right now but these are growing fast by the day!



Antioxidants is the cure!

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Hope this article helps!

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Our 4th killer: Pharmaceuticals! Don’t believe it? WATCH Macklemore!

Read below the video once you’re a believer!

Now that you have seen what’s happened to Macklemore. I’m sure you can relate this to someone that’s ping through the same struggles. Pharmaceuticals are no joke. Just to rxlist.com

It’s he governments pharmaceutical database that will tell you every side effect of the medication you take currently just by typing the identification number on your pill bottle! The government has put trillions into these pharmaceuticals. Why? because no one takes the time to look up what the hell is really happening o our country and the government knows they have control of your heads and how easy it is to manipulate you to make you believe that nothing bad is going to happen to you. Why do you think were about to go to war? It’s because we are a country that ran by blood thirsty free masons and the nazis that snuck into out country after WW2! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! IT’S TIME OR CHANGE!

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The 3rd biggest poison to our nation. WATER! SHARE!

How can water possibly be the killer?

This is really going to be a shocker and I’m sure there is going people that might think I’m crazy but u have been doing research on our nice local city water. I recently found out that the 2 biggest chemicals in our city water is chlorine and fluoride. Sounds like good cleaners right? But what are the side effects??


Higher doses are UNSAFE and can weaken bones and ligaments, and cause muscle weakness and nervous system problems. High doses of fluoride in children before their permanent teeth come through the gums can cause tooth discoloration. It was also used to dumb down Germanys people during the WW2 BY PUTTING SMALL TRACES IN THERE WATER!


chemical that prevents bacterial growth in stationary water. It’s used to sanitize sewage and industrial waste. It’s also an active ingredient in several cleaning products.

Chlorine poisoning can occur when you swallow or inhale chlorine. Chlorine reacts with water — including the water in your digestive tract — to form hydrochloric acid and hydrochlorous acid. Both of these substances are extremely poisonous to humans. Don’t forget about other things you use it for like swimming pools, hot tubs, science experiments!



Save the bees, save the world! Donate now! The Flo-Hive Project

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Yes I know it is very hard to believe but we are running out of bees we had a 42% decrease just from last years winter alone. They are dying off very fast! We are starting this fundraiser to not only save the bees but we would be changing lives. Honey is one of the greatest all natural sugar substitutes in the world and the reason everyone has lost the taste for it is because of our great refined sugar manufacturing companies producing and selling modified sugar that studies have shown to be 8x more addictive then cocaine! It’s all around you. From eating white bread to what ever that you’re eating right now while you read this blog. Honey would not only bee the perfect replacement for sugar but it would also cause an astonishing drop in OBESITY rate as well!

Not only is raw honey sweet but it can be even sweeter! Depending on the flower nectar the bees eat will also depend on how sweet the honey will turn out. It can come in many different colors depending on the flower.

      Honey will also be our countries number 1 cure for our common pollen allergic reactions during flowering season. Honey is a great anti-allergen, anti-bacterial sugar sweet that I believe everyone should consider converting to before it’s to late!

We plan to use the fund raising money to invest in a bulk order of Flo-Hives. Just by watching the video below you will see why this fundraising idea could change the world! DONATE NOW ! SAVE THE BEES!